The driverless car is widely heralded as the transportation method of the future but many critics say there are more efficient and greener ways to navigate through our world.

Enter the riderless bike. The small Vancouver, B.C., startup RDRLESS, is banking on the idea that people will want bicycles that ride themselves in the near future.

“Although Google is also working on an autonomous bike, ours is more disruptive because it doesn’t require a rider at all,” claims CEO Bill Lindsay. “This also makes ours safer because it completely eliminates human error.”

Shelia McKenzie, is a beta-user of RDRLESS and she loves using her bike on weekends: “Friends will often call me up to go on a bike ride but I’d rather stay inside and watch Scandal. Now I just send my bike while I curl up with Kerry Washington.”

RDRLESS is still in the prototyping phase but will be launching in August and rolling out a tandem bike next spring.


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